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Remote Start/Alarm Systems

Posted by Jake Laff on
Remote Start/Alarm Systems | CARisma Inc

Having your vehicle equipped with a Remote Start or Alarm System is super beneficial & convenient. It provides ease of access and also protection for your vehicle.

Examples of How These Systems Could Help

  • Allows the user to warm up the engine prior to arriving to vehicle
    • or warm/cool the interior of the car, especially helpful during those hot Summer months or the freezing months of Winter.
  • Most Remote Start systems allow the user to control the Remote Start sequence through their factory key fob. 
    • Another option is upgrading to an aftermarket key fob, this allows for the user to control Lock/Unlock & the Remote Start sequence.
  • An aftermarket alarm system has more precise sensors and allows the user to add extra sensors.
    • Glass Break Sensor
    • Proximity Sensors
    • Shock Sensor
    • Tilt Sensor
  • Some Remote Start/Alarm systems work with modules that allow you to control your features from your phone or smart watch.

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