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3 Ways This Proven Method Will Help Preserve Your Car's Value! This Could Save You THOUSANDS! $$$

Posted by Ronald Henry II on
3 Ways This Proven Method Will Help Preserve Your Car's Value! This Could Save You THOUSANDS! $$$ | CARisma Inc

Your car is an investment! Whether it be to get you to-and-from work, or to fuel your passion and enthusiasm on those weekend drives, your car is an investment which you absolutely have the ability to preserve.

Ask any economist or financial advisor and they will tell you most cars are a depreciating asset. That statement is very true, however, what they don’t talk about is how to minimize the effects of that depreciation. How do you ensure that you maintain the value of your car for potential buyers during resale? Three words...CERAMIC PROTECTIVE COATING!

You Might Be Wondering What Ceramic Coating Is...

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that consists of silicone dioxide to protect your vehicle’s paint. You may have heard of polymer sealants before, usually it comes in some form of wax that you polish onto your car and wears off within a couple of washes or months depending on the product. 

Ceramic Coating completely changes the game! I don’t want to bore you with all of the scientific information so I’m going to go straight to simplifying how this helps your vehicle. Once ceramic is applied to the vehicle's paint, your vehicle is now protected and the protection can last from 1 to 7 plus years.

 NOW! For the Million Dollar Question...How Can This Benefit You & Save Your Hard Earned Cash?!?!

Added Vehicle Value Means More Money In Your Pocket!


First impressions are key to many things in life. Same thing can be applied when a potential buyer or sales rep sees your vehicle. Ceramic Coating not only adds years of potential durability to your paint, but it makes your car look as it just came off the showroom floor by adding depth, gloss and shine to your paint.

Environmental Hazards to Your Car's Paint Should Be A Thing of The Past!


A Ceramic Coating is about 100 times thicker than a traditional wax! Yeah you read that right…100 times thicker! That means it is substantially more protective than a normal sealant. The chemically resistant surface helps mitigate not just stains but also etchings caused by environmental contaminants. 

We Can’t Get Rid of The Sun, But We Can Protect Your Paint From It!


UV Rays and Oxidation is more of a threat to your paint than what you think. Prolonged exposure to UV rays creates Oxidation. Oxidation not only makes your clear coat (the top layer of your paint) dull and lifeless but eventually it will make your clear coat start to peel. So now you know why the paint is peeling on some of the cars you see on the road. Don’t panic though...We got your back! Ceramic is UV resistant allowing you to park outside and show off your vehicle with no fear of any damage being done.

In Conclusion

If you’re the type that doesn’t like losing money, then you need to invest in protecting your car. Ceramic Coating is hands down, the way to go. The longer your vehicle stays on the road unprotected, the more money you lose. The Time is Now! Start preserving the value of your vehicle TODAY!!