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What is Ceramic Coating? / What is Graphene Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that consists of silicone dioxide to protect your vehicle’s paint. You may have heard of polymer sealants before, usually it comes in some form of wax that you polish onto your car and wears off within a couple of washes or months depending on the product. 

Ceramic coating completely changes the game! The key is the polymer chains created by the silicone dioxide nanoparticles. Once bonded to the clearcoat of the vehicle, the durability can last from 1 to 7 plus years depending on brand and what other ingredients are added.

Graphene Ceramic Coating:

Graphene alone will not form a coating. Period.  Graphene is a flat non-reactive plane, it will not form a bond with other things.

Graphene coatings are coatings with graphene molecules grafted onto the ceramic backbone.  If you think of the graphic of the graphene oxide, the tails you see sticking up are what is grafted onto the ceramic molecule.  The Ceramic molecule bonds with the car, and the graphene portion of the molecule is on top, forming the surface of the coating.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Makes Maintenance Easy: Ceramic creates a hydrophobic layer around the vehicle. When washed the water will sheet off, taking with it any dirt or debris and aid in the drying process.

Protects Paint From Environmental Hazards: Ceramic creates a durable layer that can withstand the effects of things, like bird droppings and dried bugs, that would normally chemically etch your clear coat

Protects Against Harmful UV Rays: Oxidation occurs with prolonged exposure to UV rays. Not only making your clear coat dull and lifeless but eventually allowing it to peel. Ceramic is UV resistant allowing you to park outside and show off your vehicle with no fear of any damage being done.

Adds Value To Your Vehicle: Professionally detailing has been proven to add value to your vehicle. Ceramic coating takes it a step further with the years of potential durability, and the paint restoration that often comes as a necessary step before the ceramic is even applied

Enhances The CARisma Of Your Vehicle: At CARisma we are all about the appearance and pride people have in their vehicle. Ceramic coating adds that gloss and shine that keeps your vehicle looking sharp and ready to show off in any situation.

Lasts Longer Than Traditional Sealants: Ceramic has a one time 12-24 hour cure time, then it’s good to go for potentially years. Adding ceramic boost or ceramic detail spray to your maintenance routine every 3- 6 months isn’t necessary, but it does help the longevity of your ceramic coating.

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