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Detail vs Carwash

A detail is more than a car wash! A budget car wash is a production line of washing where your vehicle's paint is bombarded with harsh chemicals and unsafe brushes that have been used to clean EVERY other vehicle that has passed through! This causes more damage to the vehicle's paint than many people can imagine. A quality professional detail avoids the damages caused by budget car washes by using industry leading products and techniques that are safe for both the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle. Additionally, a professional detail is just that..a very detailed process of cleaning the vehicle. A budget car can typically take a few minutes to run through and "clean" the vehicle. However, a quality detail service can range from 1 to 5 hours or greater. The level of attention placed on the vehicle is no comparison when it comes to detailing vs a budget car wash. 

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Importance of Detailing Your Vehicle

Detailing is sometimes overlooked when it comes to vehicle maintenance. However, similar to following a maintenance schedule from the vehicle's Operating Manual, keeping up with a regular detail schedule has both short-term and long-term benefits. On a daily basis, your vehicle is exposed to various factors which play a role in compromising the quality of your vehicle's paint. Overtime, when exposure to environmental hazards such as tar and bird droppings are left unaddressed, the result can be damage to the paints clearcoat, as well as fading and dullness of your vehicle's paint. A regular detail schedule not only keeps the vehicle looking cleaner and newer, it can also increase the resale of the vehicle when it's time to sell it or trade it in. 

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