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All of the information you need to know if you're ready to make a change to the 12 volt electronic system in your vehicle.


Your radio is the center of attention in your car. Whether you're looking for audio improvements or new features to improve your driving experience, such as Bluetooth® or Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto™, an aftermarket radio is an important step for personalization.

Features to Consider

  • 1DIN
    • A standard DIN slot is 2-1/8” (50mm) height by 7-1/8” (180mm) width.
  • 2DIN
    • A standard 2DIN slot is 4" (100mm) height by 7-1/8" (180mm) width.
  • Non-touchscreen vs. Touchscreen 
    • How you control your radio.
  • EQ bands
    • A built in Equalizer (EQ) in the radio, generally between 6 to 13 bands, allows the user to set low-pass filter (LPF) & high-pass filter (HPF).
  • RCA pre-outs
    • The connection on the back of the radio which allows the radio to connect to the amplifier via RCA cables.
  • Steering wheel control compatibility
    • The port on the back of the radio or radio harness required to retain your steering wheel controls (VOL. Up/Down, Track Fwd./Back, Answer Call/Hang Up, etc.
  • Camera inputs
    • The port on the back of the radio or radio harness required in order to add an aftermarket backup camera
  • SiriusXM compatibility
    • The port on the back of the radio required to add a SiriusXM tuner

Digital Signal Processors

Even with high-end speakers, amplifiers and a superb tune, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is still necessary in order to achieve studio-like sound quality. If you're looking to achieve next level sound quality, a Digital Signal Processor is what you should be looking for. 

Things to Consider

  • Time Alignment
    • This allows the installer to set timing of speakers so that the sound produced reaches the listener's position at the same time
  • Customized Preset Tunes Based on YOUR Music Genres
    • Most DSPs allow the installer to tune different presets 
    • This allows for the user to switch between different tunes on the fly, such as a tune for Rock genre or a tune for Rap genre!
  • Smoothing of Frequency Response 
    • Instead of the standard frequency response provided by passive crossovers, the installer can tune your sound system through the DSP. This allows for much more linear frequency response, meaning you won't experience massive drop-off of dB at certain frequencies & will experience a fuller and more lively sound!
  • Highly Accurate Crossover Settings
    • A benefit of having a Digital Signal Processor for your audio system as opposed to an analog processor with knobs is accuracy.
    • Digital Signal Processors use mathematical algorithms to alter the audio signal. You don’t want any overlap or underlap (a gap in the frequency response) in your tune that could affect frequency response.

Installed Detectors

Installed Detectors are the Ultimate step up from a windshield mounted Radar Detector! These systems provide more protection than a portable Radar Detector while being more concealed.

      Remote Start/Alarms

      Having your vehicle equipped with a Remote Start or Alarm System is super beneficial & convenient. It provides ease of access and also protection for your vehicle.

      Examples of How These Systems Could Help

      • Allows the user to warm up the engine prior to arriving to vehicle
        • or warm/cool the interior of the car, especially helpful during those hot Summer months or the freezing months of Winter.
      • Most Remote Start systems allow the user to control the Remote Start sequence through their factory key fob. 
        • Another option is upgrading to an aftermarket key fob, this allows for the user to control Lock/Unlock & the Remote Start sequence.
      • An aftermarket alarm system has more precise sensors and allows the user to add extra sensors.
        • Glass Break Sensor
        • Proximity Sensors
        • Shock Sensor
        • Tilt Sensor
      • Some Remote Start/Alarm systems work with modules that allow you to control your features from your phone or smart watch.


        Speakers are a valuable upgrade for you car audio system for a number of reasons. Even with a simple upgrade the user can experience a vast difference.

        Noticeable Features

        • Quality Materials
        • Higher Power Handling
        • Better Frequency Response


        Adding a subwoofer to your audio system could be the change you didn't know you were looking for! A subwoofer will allow you to take unnecessary stress off of the midrange speakers.

        Big Improvements

        • More Responsive at Low Frequencies
        • Less Strain on Midrange Speakers
        • Larger Surface Area


        Adding an aftermarket amplifier for your speakers is a great addition to your audio system! This allows the user to experience louder, fuller and less distorted sound!

        Why Switch?

        • Dedicated Power Source
        • Greater Tuning Capabilities
        • Cleaner Audio Signal

        Dash Cameras

        Having your vehicle equipped with a dash camera allows you to be protected while driving your vehicle and while it's parked. Stay protected in sticky situations, such as fender benders to prove who's at fault or to catch the License Plate when someone backs into your car in a parking lot.

        Video Proof (These Features Are Equipped on MOST Dash Cameras)

        • Front or Front & Rear Protection
          • Most Dash Cameras, such as the Momento MD-6200 come with a front and rear camera, meaning the driver will have evidence from both ends of the vehicle.
        • High-Resolution 1080p Camera Lens
          • Most newer Dash Cameras are equipped with a quality lens for HD footage (Day or Night), the Momento MD-6200 is equipped with a Sony STARVIS lens).
        • G-Force Sensor
          • Momento's MD-6200 is equipped with a G-Force sensor to pick up on harsh impact to the vehicle.
        • Parking/Driving Mode
          • High End Dash Cameras are usually equipped with two power cables. One powers the unit while the vehicle is on & the other receives constant power, for when the vehicle is parked/off.
        • Mobile App Compatibility
          • A lot of High End units come equipped with features that allow the user to connect straight to their phone, instead of having to remove the SD card to connect to a computer.

        Radar Detectors

        Equipping your vehicle with a Radar Detector is a great choice, this allows the user to focus on the road with confidence knowing the unknown variables in your surroundings.

        Parking Cameras

        Adding a front and/or rear parking camera is an extreme convenience to the user, it allows you to gauge distance between your vehicle and outside objects with ease! No more worrying about whether you're about to back into a car or going to scrape your front bumper on those pesky curbs!

        Blind Spot/Parking Sensors

        Having your vehicle equipped with monitoring sensors allows the driver to operate more carefully. These systems are exceptionally useful in sticky situations, such as making a lane change in dense traffic or backing up while in a parking lot.